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Huang Zitao (Chinese: 黄子韬; pinyin: Huáng Zǐtāo; born May 2, 1993), also known as Tao, is a Chinese singer-songwriter, rapper, actor, model and businessman.Huang is a former member of the South Korean-Chinese boy band Exo and its Chinese sub-unit, Exo-M. After leaving Exo, he made his solo debut in China in 2015 with the mini-album TAO, under the new stage name Z.Tao Ende Dezember 2011 wurde Tao als das dritte Mitglied von Exo vorgestellt. Seinen ersten Auftritt hatte er bei SBS' jährlichem Gayo Daejeon im Dezember. Im Jahr 2013 nahm Zitao bei Splash! teil, eine Promitauch Serie. Berichten zufolge verletzen sich mehrere Prominente während der Dreharbeiten, weshalb sie kurze Zeit später wieder eingestellt wurde Wu Yi Fan (Chinese:吴亦凡, pronounced ; born 6 November 1990), known professionally as Kris Wu, is a Chinese-Canadian actor, rapper, singer, record producer, and model. He is a former member of South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO and its subgroup EXO-M under SM Entertainment, before leaving the group in 2014.. Wu is active as a solo artist and actor in China and has starred in several No. 1. Better known by his stage name of Tao, this Asian rapper became famous for his work with the K-pop group EXO. He joined the band in late 2011 and soon thereafter performed on a South Korean music program called SBS Gayo Daejeon. Before Fame. He began his martial arts training at the age of five and went on to compete in several Wushu events. Trivi

Posted September 25, 2015 For people who don't know, Tao is filming a show called Charming dady where he takes care of a child for a month. The child in question is Boxuan, a 5 year old girl BeiBei is Boxuan's nicknam Huang Zitao, better known as Tao, was one of the rappers of EXO and EXO-M. He has now gone solo and is known as Huang Z.TAO. Tao (Korean: 타오), born Huang Zitao (Chinese: 黄子韬; pinyin: Huáng Zitāo, Korean: 황지타오) on May 2, 1993 (now aged 26), is from Qingdao, Shandong, China. He attended Humen Centre Primary School, one of the most prestigious primary schools in Qingdao, and. 10.7m Followers, 3 Following, 587 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Z.TAO黄子韬 (@hztttao The full name of TAO is Huang Zi Tao. His hometown is in China. Z.TAO黄子韬さん(@hztttao)がシェアした投稿 - 2017 4月 6 4:36午前 PDT He is a Chinese rapper and one of the ex-EXO Members. He was born on May 2 1993 in Qingdao, Shandong, China. He is a good singer, songwriter, producer, artist, dancer, model etc. He loves to play the guitar

Tao left EXO, he filed a lawsuit agianst SM and won the lawsuit, then left A few years later or months or whatever SM realised he hadn't paid the money he owed them, and so SM went to court with Tao and found out that Tao had been doing illegal activities in China along with Luhan and Kris or somthing He lost that lawsuit, not the first one. He is not with EXO. Luhan, Kris and Tao are. Tao (Born: Huang Zitao)was the main rapper of Exo-M. Tao is a martial artist, and has been practicing Wushu since he was five years old. He competed in several martial arts championships in Qingdao. He also won the Top Rap Award at Beijing 3rd Annual College Street Jam. Tao auditioned for S.M. Entertainment's global casting system in Qingdao and became an S.M. trainee in late 2010. He was. Z.Tao (Tao) Profile and Facts; Tao's Ideal Type Stage Name: Z.Tao (When he was part of EXO, his stage name was Tao) Chinese Name: Huang Zitao (黄子韬) Birthday: May 2, 1993 Zodiac Sign: Taurus Height: 183 cm (6'0″) Blood Type: AB Instagram: @hztttao Weibo: @CPOPKing-黄子韬 Tao facts: - He was born in Qingdao, Shandong, China Z.Tao started his music career by being the third member of the Boyband, EXO, on the 27th of December 2011. After two years, he was in MBC's celebrity diving program named Splash!. He also got featured in two songs of Zhou Mi's album Rewind and even made an appearance on the SBS reality television program Laws of the Jungle in 2014

Looks like Tao introduced his signature AB style to beibei

Huang Zi Tao, formerly known as Tao from EXO, was wrapped up in dating rumors.Chinese news reports claimed that Tao was enjoying a date with his beautiful girlfriend. They released photos of him on the supposed date as he was seen going out to dinner, walking the streets while holding hands, and feeding each other dessert Tao: (hides in his room and cries) wife, our daughter is becoming beautiful just like you. we miss you come back to us.. Baekhyun: (tells chanyeol) you, don't understand. it's not only her looks that reminds me of XYZ(his wife name) the way she writes, speak, smile and etc. all reminds me of her. not quite sure what to make of the editing of this show.. but oh well. EXO's Chen and wife welcome baby girl 4 months after private wedding and fans shower them with love . The Korean idol shocked fans when he announced his wedding in January and added a second blow when he confirmed he was expecting his first child with his partner By Jenifer Gonsalves Published on : 00:17 PST, Apr 29, 2020. Copy to Clipboard. Chen of EXO (Han Myung-Gu/WireImage via Getty Images.

Zitao was really close to his father. Zhongdong started L. TAO Entertainment in 2018 after the singer left Korean entertainment label SM Entertainment and K-Pop group EXO. At the time, Zitao wrote, All the hard work from the past was in preparation for today () Dad, I love you. It took 10 years for me to build up this company from my. On April 22nd, an account claiming to be the father of EXO's Tao left a heartfelt letter explaining his decision to bring his son home. The letter is as follows: Hello followers of Huang Zi Tao, I am his father. My emotions are very complicated as I write this letter as I know that my decision will hurt many people, including my son Huang Zi Tao. Although I have thought very much about. Download Image. Huang Zitao Gets An Uncannily Realistic Wax Figure For His [Türkçe Altyazılı] ZTAO EXO's Kai Opens Up About Injuring Himself Last Year 12angels ~EXOちゃん応援ブログ. Image detail for Huang Zitao : Title: Huang Zitao Date: April 01, 2019 Size: 173kB Resolution: 1024px x 683px Huang Zitao Gets An Uncannily Realistic Wax Figure For His [Türkçe Altyazılı] ZTAO. EXO singer Chen and his wife welcome a baby girl SM Entertainment confirms: Their daughter was born today 16 Earlier this year, EXO singer Chen announced he was tying the knot with his girlfriend

Taohun. 242 likes. Dedicated this page to tao and sehun. I ship taohun Post pics of taohun, sehun and tao Zitao. Tao. Taaaaaaoooooo. [Name] tried poking her husband awake, but to no avail. The shrill cries of their baby daughter Qian could be heard coming from the nursery next door, and [Name] was desperately trying to wrangle her sleeping panda of a husband to take care of it. Upon realising that the currently bleached blond male would not be woken from his slumber, [Name] grumbled and viol.. Chen was the fourth member to be formally introduced to the public, on December 29, 2011. Along with Luhan, Tao, and EXO-K's Kai, Chen had his first televised performance at SBS's Gayo Daejun event on December 29, 2011. In February 4, 2014, SM Entertainment revealed that SM The Ballad will make a comeback with new members, Chen being one of them. He sang the Chinese version of the title track. Exo fighting with their daughter. Anon asked: Exo's reaction to fighting with their daughter after she did something wrong/bad. ~Savie. I'm going to do some (or maybe even all of it) that will include their daughter arguing about the punishments that they get for what they did Huang Zitao (Chinese: 黄子韬; pinyin: Huáng Zǐtāo; born May 2, 1993), better known as Tao, is a Chinese rapper, singer-songwriter, actor, and martial artist. He is a former member o

EXO reaction to their daughter being pregnant. Hey, I REALLY love your reactions and some of 'em is funny so, I want one request too. EXO reaction when their daughter is pregnant at age 19 with their long year term boyfriend. I wonder if what's their reaction of this was real life in the future _____ Suho: *off to murder her boyfriend* Baekhyun: I thought I told her to wait until she's. Dec 17, 2015 - Explore Oh Sehun's board EXO IS GAY AF on Pinterest. See more ideas about exo, exo funny, sehun Ich mache bald in Englisch ein Referat über Exo weil ich ein sehr großer fan von der Band/Gruppe bin. Weil es ein kurz Referat wird hatte ich vor EXO kurz vorzustellen (Was Exo-M und Exo-K bedeutet, Bilder von den Jungs zeigen und die namen ) und noch über die 3 Jungs (Kris, Luhan und Tao) die Exo verlassen haben Our daughter reached up to wipe away Tao's tear with her small fingers until the hair and makeup staff came to retouch. He kissed his little girl on her head and she hugged him tighter. I think you just might have to sign autographs with her. He smiles and thought to himself. He looked down at our daughter and shrugged. Why not? Can.

Jul 29, 2016 - Explore Michelle Teo's board Exo on Pinterest. See more ideas about Exo, Exo funny, Baekhyun Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Slaughters‬

Tao would be showing off his ever amazing aegyo to his daughter, because she seemed to be upset over something, whatever it was. He'd be doing anything to make her laugh and not crying, he'd even do aegyo for her, just because he hates seeing his little girl upset. He'd do it even if she doesn't understand what the heck he was doing, but he'd do anything for his little girl EXO reaction when their little daughter ask them to play princess with her and to let her do their make up 12-exoreactives: Hey, jayniusmcgenius, hope you like the result!!! Love~ - Xiumin: But daddy.. Exo reaction to their child kissing another members child, but the children are the same gender (Sorry if it doesn't make sense Xiumin: I never thought my daughter would've been bold enough to do..

EXO reaction when their daughter is pregnant at age 19 with their... Home Ask About the admin Archive Masterlist Rules/Guidelines To-do Reblog reaction reactions exo exo gif exo gif reactiom exo reaction exo scenario exo gif scenairo exo imagine exo fanfiction exo k exo m kpop kpop gif kpop gif reaction kpop gif scenario sehun suho baekhyun chen chanyeol d.o kai kris luhan lay tao xiumin. D.O :*when your daughter leaves* soyou heard herhow about we try it tonight and make her wish come true hmm? Kai: do you really want a baby brother? Your daughter: yes i don't want to be a only child Kai: okay sweetie then me and mommy will talk about it . Sehun: Y/Nhe wants a baby brotherhow about weyou kno EXO Tao. Follow. 5 years ago | 189 views. Huang ZiTao - Full album T.A.O (Chinese ver.) Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 3:34 [AUDIO/MP3/DL] EXO - LADY LUCK (流星雨) [2nd Mini Album - Exodus (Chinese Ver.)]. EXO REACTION TO THEIR SON/DAUGHTER BEING A MAMA'S BOY/GIRL. KAI *He goes up to his son to play a game with him but he refuses and runs off to his mother* K: Oh, okay, I'll just play by myself then SEHUN *He is sitting in the car next to his son who keeps complaining that he wishes his mother was sitting with him instead* SH: Listen child it is an honour to sit next to me now hush.

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  1. Xi Luhan (EXO) as Wu Luhan (Kris & Yi Xing Daughter) (Yeoja) Oh Sehun (EXO) as Lee Sehun (Kai & Kyungsoo Son) (Namja) Huang Zi Tao/Tao (EXO) as Huang Zi Tao/Tao (EXO) (The Witch) (Yeoja) And Other's. Length : Chapter. Backsong : EXO-Baby Don't Cry. Rating : PG +13. Warning : Genderswitch, AU & OOC. Summary : I'm willing to die as long as.
  2. A story for my musume (daughter). Tao Helplessly In love! 4.6K 155 40. An ordinary girl meets Tao. They hang out together and start falling in love. When they think everything is going fine everything comes crumbling down.Will they ever fix... Huang Zitao Smut. 9.2K 90 42. Smuts for the Kawaii Panda. I Have How Many Mates?! 88.4K 2.5K 1.1K. This story is an AU and is very explicit. It contains.
  3. It's been 3 years since Huang Zitao's departure from EXO, but it seems like he still has strong memories of his past times with them. The singer/rapper choked up on the recent episode of the Chinese Version of Produce 101 while talking about life with his former group members
  4. Exo Boy X Boy Smut 2 by αʆεXα 60.4K 1.2K 27 enjoy the mix of cute romance, hot sex and some sad times because this gay bitch doesn't know how to stop
  5. EXO's reaction to their 4 year old daughter running up to them crying when they return from a tour. Suho: What did your mum do to make you miss me so much? Chanyeol: Dont cry! Smile like dad! Baekhyun: *waves like crazy* Hello~ Did you miss Daddy? D.O: *gives loads of hugs* I missed you too. Kai: *shows how much he loves and missed his daughter* Sehun: Of course you missed me! Mum is no fun.
  6. : After he's let her walk by herself because she said she was a big girl, he'd stay hidden behind one of the pillars to make sure she gets inside safely. My little princess is growing up so fast He'd call his spouse after to tell all about it and.
  7. Huang Zi Tao/Tao (EXO) as Huang Zi Tao/Tao (EXO) (The Witch) (Yeoja) Xi Luhan (EXO) as Wu Luhan (Kris & Yi Xing Daughter) (Yeoja) Oh Sehun (EXO) as Lee Sehun (Kai & Kyungsoo Son) (Namja) Kim Joon Myeon/Suho (EXO) as Kim Joon Myeon/Suho (The Prince) (Namja) (Die) And Other's. Length : Continued. Backsong : EXO-Baby Don't Cry. Rating : PG +1

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Z.TAO just finished his concert in Shanghai one day before the figure unveiling ceremony. Recently, he also gained significant recognition for his acclaimed roles in movie Railroad Tigers, The Game Changer and variety shows Law of The Jungle, Takes a Real Man II.This year, Z.TAO joined the dance-oriented variety show Street Dance of China and cast as head producer on Chinese version of Produce. Zitao Huang, Actor: Re xue tong xing. Huang Zitao, is a Chinese singer-songwriter, rapper, martial artist and actor. Zitao was born in Qingdao, Shandong, China on May 2, 1993. Due to his naughty behavior as a child his father sent him to Wushu Martial Arts training at the age of 5 in order to learn discipline. Huang was a student athlete and practiced Wushu throughout his school-years,.. EXO react to their kid getting in trouble at school. Xiumin: You're the one who got in trouble, explain why to me and your teacher. He'd sit back in the chair in the classroom, raising his eyebrow at his daughter, but once they've left, he'll pet her hair and tell her it's okay but not to do it again. Luhan: I'm here! What's happened? Are you okay? Slightly. What neither of the EXO members expected, however, was Tao to walk out with a beautiful little girl holding his hand. By the look of her, she couldn't have been more than about 6 years old. Both Lay and Suho began to wonder who she was. Neither of them voiced their questions yet though. The moment the two saw the former members, they waved to them. Lay jumped straight into Mandarin-Chinese.

⭐CHEN EXO⭐is a South Korean singer who is the main vocalist of EXO and EXO-M groups. Continue reading this article to know more about his bio and latest news Since his debut with EXO, Sehun has immediately become a public spotlight and has the most fans compared to other members. He does have a handsome face, white skin, and his very gentle attitude makes him very kind towards his fans. Surely he gets a lot of love from his fans, even many of his fans or maybe some of you want to be a part of Sehun's life, right? In several interviews he had.

Apr 27, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Hufflepuff.Kpop. Daughter.Of.A. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Former EXO singer Tao's epic reaction for being confused as BTS member by fan is UNMISSABLE; ARMY reacts EXO singer Baekhyun drops 'I'm Loving You' song from Dr. Romantic Season 2 & it makes for a. Tags: EXO Tao Bullied, EXO Tao Isgay, Sehun Tao, New Musik, EXO Tao as a Girl, EXO Tao Parents, Tao Tao Tau, Tao Cartoon, Tao EXO Sleeping, Tao Former EXO Member, Z.Tao, EXO Sehun Airport Fashion, Tao EXO, Tao Te Ching Quotes, Z Tao Beggar, Tao Te Ching Verses, Huang Z Tao, EXO Tao and His Panda, Tao Pics, Taoism Symbols and Their Meanings, EXO. 2017 Tao Tao T Force In Kenosha WI Impact Power Sports VTP Motorsports TaoTao 2017 T-Force. Tags: Tao Former EXO Member, Terence Tao Math, Terence Tao Mathematician, EXO Tao Smile, Terry Tao, EXO Tao Pandas, Zi Tao, Terence Tao Family

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Nov 17, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Hufflepuff.Kpop. Daughter.Of.A. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres EXO Tao - Funny, cute, emotional & sexy moments. Report. Browse more video Mar 12, 2014 - Some facts are from Twitter. Credits to the owner. :) Source: @12Exo_Fact Sep 7, 2017 - | Tags: exo kai sehun baekhyun facts kyungsoo suh

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  1. Genauer gesagt über die, die Exo verlassen haben. Kris, Luhan und Tao. Ich bin nicht so gut im recherchieren und in Deutschland bekommt man da nicht so viel drüber raus. Was ich wissen will, ist wie das abgelaufen ist als Kris, Luhan und Tao gegangen sind. Wisst ihr ob die anderen Member das schon vorher wussten? Waren die von dem einem auf den anderen Tag weg aus dem dort ausgezogen? Oder.
  2. . Lay. Chen. And former members who are still in our heart; Kris. Luhan. Tao
  3. Tao debuted in 2012 as a member of EXO under SM Entertainment before pursuing a solo career in China in 2015. He is currently promoting under his own Chinese agency, Z.TAO Studio. 117. SHARES.

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EXO World MANIA. 5.6K likes. EXO World MANIA is the page which provided EXO's fans a.k.a EXOTIK with the varieties of EXO Photos, Facts and Gossips EXO (Korean: 엑소; stylized as EXO) Is a South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul. Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011, the group debuted in 2012 with twelve members separated into two subgroups, Exo-K. Suho. Baekhyun. Chanyeol. D.O. Kai. Sehun. and. Exo-M. Xiumin. Lay. Chen. And former members who are still in oir heart; Kris. Luhan. Tao EXO reaction: react when learns that his daughter will get married and They don't really like his boyfriend. ohhh it's nothing, I'm glad you liked it. Well here is the reaction Suho:*he is shocked..

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Nov 17, 2019 - Explore Kaela Vinuya's board EXO MEMES, followed by 572 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about exo memes, exo, exo funny Buy products related to exo official exo products and see what customers say about exo official exo products on Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase Kris Wu, a former Exo member, is rumored to have a relationship with Japanese model Mitsuki Kimura. Mitsuki Kimora or more commonly known as Koki is the youngest daughter of J-pop legend Kimura.

Tao: *As soon as she tell him , he goes to the school and fight every guys there* I will find you secret admirer and I will make sure you think twice about send a note to my daughter again _____ Xiumin: *When she tell then he turn to her* Ummm run that by me one more time secret what EXO REACTION THEIR DAUGHTER LOOKS JUST LIKE THEIR WIFE WHEN THEY SMILE - Anonymous said: Exo reaction to them realizing that their daughter looks just like their wife when they smile.. Tao. Your son was shy meeting Tao, and to be honest Tao was being extremely quiet. He never knew you had given birth, and you being his crush made him jealous of the man before him. He'd probably get mad every time your ex's name came up- but he adored your son with his whole heart. D. scenarios-exo:. I LOVE DADDY!EXO QUESTIONS!!!! Daughter: Xiumin; Kris; Suho; Lay; D.O; Tao; Son: Luhan; Baekhyun; Chen; Chanyeol; Jongin; Sehun; Thank you for requesting! I put most of the younger members in the daughter category because i feel like they wouldn't know how to deal with a baby girl just yet

Tao: *attempts to do cute gestures to make you stop crying but gets embarrassed * ( R ) 4 years ago + 259 # EXO's reaction to their 4 year-old daughter whining for strawberry shake. Suho: *too busy making comments about how cute the children are being* Baekhyun: Well Your mummy said no milkshakesbut one wouldn't hurt. Chanyeol: You're too cute! Of course you can have a. 7 You, Tao and someone else; 8 You, Luhan, and a son ♥ 9 You, Kyungsoo, and a daug; 10 You, Chen, and a daughter; 11 You, Kai, and a birthday ; 12 You, Lay, and twins ♥ 13 Not a story (。 ‿ 。) 14 You, Kris, and a son♥ 15 You, Kris, and a daughter; 16 You, Sehun, and a son ♥ 17 You,Luhan,and a daughter ; 18 You,lay,and a son ♥ 19. Better known by his stage name of Tao, this Asian rapper became famous for his work with the Chinese branch of an all-male Chinese and South Korean music group called EXO. He joined the band in late 2011 and soon thereafter performed on a South Korean music program called SBS Gayo Daejeon. Source of Money: Rapper: Real Name: Huang Zitao: Place of Birth: Qingdao, China: Date of Birth: May. He has this manly but kind and gentle look that all moms would love, and all dads would approve of as their daughter's boyfriend. 9. EXO-M's Chinese member Tao Dark circles are anything but attractive, and yet Tao manages to look pretty darn cute and sexy with them. I bet we all wish we could rock dark circles like he does. In the picture below, it's hard to decide who looks cuter: the. EXO's Reaction When They Ask You To Do A Sex Tape. Awee thank you so much for enjoying my blog and thanks for requesting this I'll try my best and also thanks for saying that I can do this reaction well!! hehehe lol anyways since my requests for reactions isn't available atm but once I'm done with the other reactions requests you all can requests reactions again lol if that made sense

The former EXO member, now better known by the stage name Z.Tao, has launched a total of seven new songs, during a concert in Nanjing, China. Famous rapper from America, Wiz Khalifa reportedly participated collaborating for one of his songs. Previously, Z.Tao had released a song titled The Road which is one of the seven new songs on his album. Other songs included in the tracklist are. Hi! I'm a fan of asian dramas and music(mostly kpop) EXO REACTION (written) EXO dealing with/helping with your postpartum depression. Trigger Warning! Now I have decided to do strictly written descriptions for this, because this is going to be a lot. This is something I have personally dealt with very recently. I gave birth to my daughter just last November and mine lasted roughly 6 months. This will be based on my experience and how I witnessed.

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EXO Chen and his wife reportedly welcomed the birth of their daughter today (Update: SM confirmed) Anki_tao 11,120 Anki_tao 11,120 Legend; Member; 11,120 10,320 posts; Location: Gravity; Awards. Awards. Awards . Posted April 29. Super Congratulations to them !!!!! Love Jongdae so much he deserves all the happiness. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. Drama Drama Drama 2,340.

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Huang Zi Tao (Former EXO Member) Reportedly Dating A

  1. May 23, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by K. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres
  2. 8tracks radio. Online, everywhere. - stream 20 taohun playlists including exo, Tao, and sehun music from your desktop or mobile device
  3. 14 févr. 2018 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Fahm. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les
  4. Find and follow posts tagged zi tao huang on Tumblr. Log in Sign up. 256893yulyul-blog. #edit #Huang Zi Tao #zi tao #zi tao huang #tao #exo #exo m #exo tao #exo maknae #panda tao #kung fu romantic panda #bias #my bias #love. 788 notes. waastelaand. #sehun #tao #oh sehun #zi tao #zi tao huang #taohun #my gifs #showcase in shanghai. 402 notes. j-miki. #huang zitao #zitao #huang zi tao #tao #zi.

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  1. I think Tao fell asleep right before I got home. I did jack off in the shower thinking about what would've happened if ex-wives weren't such bitches. Okay, now it was Junmyeons turn to choke on air. Then I broke up a fight between Xing and Dae which has caused me more stress than I'd like to have. But the highlight of my night occurred when I walked in on my daughter and her.
  2. Exo on the front was fair sized. It has super soft, warm fleece on the inside and the outside is like cotton or polyester mixture I don't know, haha. But this is cool because the hoodie attracts way less lint than black cotton. I would recommend getting a size up. I wear a size small in U.S size, so I got a small here, but the head hole was a bit too small. It fits really snug to my body.
  3. EXO's Kai recently starred on an episode of I Live Alone, revealing his luxurious house for the first time. His home consists of a huge living and dining area, a study, a dress room and of course, the master bedroom. He revealed that most of the doors to the rooms are hidden behind panels, for a very special reason. His niece and nephew often come over to play, and their favorite game.
  4. On a recent live stream, former EXO member, Tao, confessed his feelings for a female celebrity! | @anythingztao/Twitter Although he did not mention the name, many fans are speculating that it is none other than IU.IU | SportsKhan During the live stream, he claimed that if she accepted, he'd marry her immediately! Let me tell you, there's a girl I really love

EXO's Chen and wife welcome baby girl 4 months after

  1. Huang Zitao's Father, Once One Of Qingdao's Richest Men
  2. Tao's father posts emotional plea to SM Entertainment
  3. Huang Zitao - Unique Gallerie
  4. EXO singer Chen and his wife welcome a baby girl SM
  5. Taohun - Home Faceboo
  6. ZITAO Baby Steps [EXO
  7. Chen EXO Wiki Fando
I'm a slut fot Sephiroth ;-; / Exo’s reaction when your사실은 난 그냥 네가 좋아EXO's Baekhyun And BTS's V Are Identical In Selfie
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